Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sadie's First Swim

Slathered in sunscreen and ready to go!
Watching the other kids and trembling with excitement

It's a little colder than bathtime, and she's not sure about this boat...

Swimming like a big girl :)

Daddy set the camera timer, jumped in, splashed us, Sadie wailed, camera took picture.

Taking a break and sitting cute in her cover up.

Swimming with Daddy


  1. Awe, Jess!!! I am sooo jealous. Wish I could have been there with you. Tre doesn't have a pool around here to go to :( Sadie looked like she was having fun and you look GREAT!

  2. Thanks Court :) I wish you guys were here too!!! When you come, Tre and Sadie can be swim buddies :P

  3. ok, first things first...Sadie is so delicious! i love her cutesy curls!
    second....your abs are disgustingly awesome! i'm jealous.

  4. Haha thanks Kristy. And I know--her curls are rediculous. In a good way ;)