Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This post is for Grancy (Grandma-Yancy), who sent Sadie her first dog...Her name is Goldie and she is the only breed allowed in our townhouse! She arrived late Monday night, and was so excited to meet Sadie that she jumped in her crib first thing Tuesday morning... Sadie, as you can see, was excited to meet Goldie too. Here is her initial reaction (since you missed seeing it yourself, Grancy...)After a diaper change and a quick breakfast, Sadie and Goldie played on the floor together...

They like to wrestle...

And then they had a real heart-to-heart talk..

Then Sadie's kitten was feeling left out, so she introduced her to Goldie..

And now they are all pals!

Thanks, Jan! :) Sadie, Goldie, Danny and I are excited for your visit! (Kitty is indifferent, but you know how cats can be...)

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