Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Angel's Camp Vacation, Day 1: Big Trees State Park Trail

We couldn't check into our hotel until four, so we decided to go on a hike east of Angel's Camp in Big Trees State Park. We had picked out a five miler (we had read that it had good shade and some of the world's biggest trees), with plans to return to our hotel before dinner. Or more importantly, before game 7 of the NBA Finals... ;-)
Danny and Sadie at the beginning of the hike. Sadie is entranced by water. Fountains and streams are her favorites.

Sadie loved looking at all the trees. She talked Daddy's ear off the whole way there.

There were Dogwood trees everywhere!

I was going to get in this tree, but found it filled with bugs, so I decided against it.. :P
Sadie's having fun..

She points at everything. Talks, and points, talks and points! "Da da da DuH!"

Telling Daddy where to go.

Pointing into a big fallen tree.

Again the point...

Sadie was sad on the way home, so Mommy had to carry her.

Relaxing after the hike...

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  1. Holy mackerel, she is looking more like Dan every day. You definitely got a little Franz!