Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our first 4th of July in California... The main difference between spending it in Oregon versus Cali, is that it's actually HOT here, and you take sunscreen to the parade instead of an umbrella. Also, there are no firework stands, because with the dry grass here, the whole state would combust. :)
Sadie, doing her best Uncle Sam impression...Pretty good, don't you think?
Before the Danville Parade...waiting in the shade.
Lots of people watching. Sadie doesn't realize that good, tactful people-watching doesn't include pointing...

Great view from Daddy's shoulders

Mommy still has the best view :)
Daddy took her up close to see the horses..

Parade was followed by meltdown, nap, and pooltime, in that order.
You have to grill on the 4th. To not would be unpatriotic. Danny, grilling jerk chicken skewers, chili-garlic shrimp, and vegi skewers.

The little one and I. It looks like she may be trying to escape. Don't worry, Bumbo is holding her down...

Fruit salad, Peach iced-tea, roasted vegis,
homemade coleslaw and warm potato salad, skewered chicken, shrimp and vegis...What a feast! I decided to go all out with dinner--you have to when you have no family to celebrate with! It helped it to feel like a "normal" 4th of July :)
Followed much later by some fresh peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream :)
We had a great 4th of July...Strange as it was to spend it away from family and friends! We made enough food to feed you too--why didn't you come? haha... :P Can't wait to see you all soon! :)


  1. Jeez, if you'd let me know you were making all that food I might have actually come!

  2. Haha..If you DO come, I'll make it all again! :) By the way, I labed everything in my blog that doesn't contain dairy, "dairy-free"--not counting butter, because I figured you could sub oil...Hope that helps a little. ;)