Monday, August 9, 2010

Mt Montara Hike

We dressed Sadie in a long sleeve shirt for the first time this summer in preparation for a hike out in the bay area of San Fran. The forecast said that it would be in the low sixties with of course, the possibility of some fog. So here's little Bug dressed in her "warm" clothes... Part way up Mt. Montara--beautiful views over the coastline and bay. It also looks down on the little town of Pacifica. The forecast was slightly off, and for the beginning of the hike I was very happy that I dressed in layers and wore a tank top underneath my long sleeves...

But by the time we made it to the top--which you can see here, with the fog rolling down the crest--it was cold and windy and the sleeves came in very handy!

Higher, higher...

Sadie and Danny, looking at the spectacular views...

Here we are at the top. Danny was very glad to take the pack off after 3.5 miles of straight uphill...! We would've taken a picture of the view from the very top, but it was all fog. Couldn't see a thing until we descended a mile. It was beautiful though, and a little surreal, walking through the fog.

You can see a little of that fog here:
As soon as the wind died down a bit, Sadie conked out. Danny's steps downhill rocked her right to sleep. :)
At the base of the mountain, there were a lot pretty trees...the kind that peel and turn silver under the fallen bark. Tried to capture it on camera without too much success.

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