Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ahh the weekend...Finally. Danny has been pretty sick the last few days--fever, chills, cough and the yuks; so it will be nice to have him resting instead of working and looking like death. Sadie and I have been fighting it off--me a little more successful than she..Poor little thing is snorfely and snotty, and has been pretty fussy. Since we don't want her (or Danny!) to catch anything else, or get worse, it is looking like a weekend at home. So I have to huge tasks looming over me--one, to make chicken noodle soup for Danny, and two, to catch up on the first 3 episodes of Lost on Hulu. So it could be a pretty crazy weekend.

The good news for Danny is, thanks to cable-guy-Carl who came yesterday, we now have cable television...Carl was quite the character. At first he has a little grumpy towards us--probably since we knew what we wanted him to do, but not how or where we wanted him to do it. He threatened to leave early on when we had him traipsing about our house trying to find the most practical place to put the "router" and cable box. (He informed us that as soon as he had stepped in our house, he was "on the clock"... ) Danny and I know nothing about the practicalities of all this wiring business, so we were pretty much nightmare customers for Carl. Thankfully, Sadie Bug was there staring a hole in the back of his head while he worked and charming his socks off. Soon he was asking us about where we were from (after he had gathered the fact that we were completely lost and clueless here in San Ramon--and in a new house we knew nothing about...He, after being here two minutes, explained to us that our doorknob is NOT automatically locking like we thought, but rather you just have to flick a switch on the knob...); how long we had been married, etc... We told him we were from the Portland area, to which he said Hmm...lots of fine black women in Portland..He then took it upon himself to tell us where he buys meat and produce around here (he mainly eats steaks from the Mexican grocery), and how we shouldn't give in and eat fast food because it's WAY to easy to get fat. By the time he left, he didn't seem concerned at all with being on the clock, because he was telling us about seeing Michael Johnson the Atlanta Olympics, and sitting next to Flo Jo, and telling us how sorry he felt for white folks because they have to slather themselves with ungodly amounts of SPF and wear funny hats with capes on the back to cover their sensitive necks from the sun. (He has a little Irish in him, so he has to wear SPF8, "which is like SPF 60 if you are black"...) He even called us after he left to tell us that there is a Winco in Antioch and a church (couldn't remember the name--he would have to call us again with that) in Livermore that he heard was good...and finally "if you see me around Dublin, say hi but DON'T ask me about cable!"

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