Thursday, February 18, 2010

The weather has been so nice, and we are enjoying taking Sadie in the stroller for lots of walks and jogs...Exploring a new area is so much fun!
Here we are at Blackhawk mall. It's an outdoor mall about a mile away from our house. It's really extravagant--has a fancy Starbucks, a gourmet grocery that has a gorgeous deli and offers its own cooking classes; a really cute bookstore; an Anthropologie (for you, Katy!); lots of covered areas with overstuffed leather couches for reading; and so many more fun shops... There's a fountain and stream that run through it, and it's beautiful--if you look closely, you can see the ducks and geese that live there. There are also some huge goldfish that swim in the still-water areas!

There's a few outdoor eating areas that would be fun to try someday--really pleasant next to the water and under the lights..

This is us eating lunch outside at home--Sadie's in her Bumbo, of course! Can you believe that this is February?

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  1. Love your updates! Keep them coming. I love reading your blog are soo cute! Let me know how the note in your pants pocket turns out :)