Thursday, February 18, 2010

So far, we haven't made any new friends...I know, it's only been a couple weeks. We met one couple at a bookstore...I started talking to them about their cute baby boy (3 days older than Sadie!), and they were really friendly. It's easy to talk babies with parents of babies...They gave us their info (email, phone, etc), and said they hoped we enjoyed wine--because they did! We hemmed and hawwed a little, and said sure, or something to the effect of "sure"..The wife commented that we were from Oregon-- a "pinot" area. I was about to ask where pinot was, and then (thankfully) didn't, when I realized that pinot was a type of wine, not an area in general. So I have been afraid to call them. They just might be too classy for us. They might find out that we only buy $3 reislings at Grocery Outlet, but sometimes we splurge and get one for $4 at Trader Joes. They might find out that our wine sometimes has to get thrown away only partially drunk because we broke the cork into the bottle, or just thought it was a little gross to drink that much of. I don't know...their numbers are still in my pants pocket. Maybe someday I'll get brave and or desperate and just call...or maybe my jeans will forgottenly go through the wash and it wasn't meant to be.

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