Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sadie's Room

Sadie and I are busy putting together the crib and changing table. She's playing with her stuffed animals from Aunt Katy! I decided to surprise Danny and put them together while he was gone for a job one day..He hates doing that kind of thing, so I thought he'd be pleasantly surprised/relieved and he was :)
Here's my Grandma Dyk's rocking chair--my mom was rocked in it! Notice my little $7 book hanger from Ikea--it was meant for bathrooms, but looks so cute with Sadie's little board books.

Her turtle laundry hamper!

Changing table...I love my dancing froggy lamps!

Her crib that she's been doing so well sleeping all by herself it! She's been going to sleep at 8 now that she doesn't sleep in our's wonderful. She sleeps till about 4 or 5 and then eats and sleeps for another few hours. I have to take her mobile down when she sleeps. It scares her..!

Happily playing on her floor with her colored rings from Grandma Carol!

Happy little Sweety!

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  1. Jess I love Sadie's room. It looks so cute!! You did a great job decorating and I love seeing the other photos of your new home. It is beautiful and you've made it so cozy and inviting. I CANNOT wait to come visit. Seeing these photos makes me miss you so much! Love you bunches!