Friday, February 12, 2010

I apologize again for the randomness of the pictures. You might get nauseated from jumping around my livingroom and kitchen...Courtney, I need blogger101 again...Come visit me please. Anyway, as if it needs explaining, the above picture is the view from my kitchen sink. Thanks, Jan for my red dish scrubber from Ikea--it works great.

This is our fireplace and the living quarters of our fish, Big Boy the Normal One. Yes, he survived the trip. He is like 120 years old in fish years. No matter how many times we forget to feed him, he plods on.

Another wonderful much light--I love it!

My vintage ice-cream shop clock that I finally got to work by--get this--inserting a battery.

The Transfiguration!

My baker puppet from Prague that the Snells gave me when I was just a wee little baker...He sits atop my billions of cookbooks.

My kitchen!! It inspires me to actually cook...I have so much counter and storage place now that I can actually use all the gadgets and gizmos that I got for our wedding. I've already used my bread machine more times here than I did during the 2 1/2 years in Tigard...

My teacups from Nana..

The view from our kitchen table of our cute little yard.

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